Design, deploy and maintain your Enterprise Linux ecosystem

As systems expand, you need to effectively manage your IT environment so all the parts work together to get the quickest return on investment (ROI). Combining open tools and standards, industry insight, organizational knowledge, and proven IT methodologies, we:

Standardize hardware, software, and management processes.
Architect systems and solutions for flexibility and scalability.
Increase operational efficiency and performance.

Develop faster. Deliver sooner. Do it for less.

Need to produce high-quality solutions with less complexity at lower costs? Knowing where to start—or how to most effectively implement a solution—can be challenging.

Our consulting team acts as an extension of your team at every step of the development life cycle. Based on your goals, our consultants plan, design, and deliver a middleware solution that helps you:

Reduce and manage complexity while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).
Improve developer productivity.
Orchestrate complex systems and business rules.

Keep day-to-day operations running smoothly

Our consulting team works with you to solve complex business problems through open-standard technologies—from apps to infrastructure, and automation to cloud. We find cost-effective ways to help you operate efficiently.

We consider:

Your organization's ability to react to change.
How effectively you use your team and IT assets.
How dynamic and automated your business could and should be.

Engaging OS3's Consulting Teams

Our IT Consulting can help you with all your technical challenges, speeding the adoption of your Open Source solution. From beginning to end, OS3's IT Consulting has proven methodologies and phases to ensure your success.

In the current economic downturn, more and more companies need to find ways to reduce their IT spending while increasing profitability. By investing in our consultative teams, you are already one step closer to that goal. By engaging our IT consulting, you can leverage your investment, meet budgetary constraints and stay ahead of the competition. Our consulting team builds systems using cutting-edge technology to deploy key business applications running on the Linux platform. Software-defined is hot trend right now, and for good reason. We ensure that you both support mission-critical workloads and reduce your data center costs. But that is not the only reason why OS3's IT consulting is the right choice for your organization today.

Benefits of engaging OS3's IT Consulting:
Deep and varied expertise to design and deliver quality business solutions.
Innovation combined with a practical approach to develop solutions that deliver real value.
Consistent and well-defined methodologies to ensure quality solutions are delivered on time, and within budget.
Strong commitment to top notch service and the right blend of technology from SUSE and other leading vendors.

OS3's Consulting teams can help you conceptualize, architect, deploy and commission solutions built around various SUSE, Red Hat and other open source technologies for Enterprise Servers, SAP Applications, Clustering, Geographically apart clusters, Virtualization technologies like KVM, Xen, LXC and containers like Docker.