Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage is software-defined storage specifically built for container environments. It is based on Red Hat Gluster Storage and highly integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It gives data a permanent place to live even when containers spin up and down and easily scales across bare metal, virtual, container, and cloud deployments.


Key Features

  • Let developers provision their own storage
    Dynamic provisioning lets developers easily provision and manage elastic storage for their container-based apps.
  • Choose the best configuration for your needs
    Deploy storage inside containers or external to a container cluster..
  • Deploy in a hybrid cloud
    Run anywhere you deploy your OpenShift environment..
  • Rapidly deploy storage
    Use OpenShift to quickly set up container storage without switching to a separate user interface.
  • Access variable storage formats
    Choose from highly available persistent block, file, or object storage to meet your workload needs..
  • Simplify support
    Get support that covers container hosts, development environments, and storage from 1 vendor..



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