SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm is an enterprise-grade Linux distribution that is optimized for unique 64-bit Arm chip capabilities. It enables solution providers and enterprise, early adopters, to gain faster time to market for innovative server and Internet of Things (IoT) device solutions. SUSE Support services options include up to 1-hour response times and 24 x 7 access to reduce problem resolution time for mission-critical operations, as well as access to updates and fixes. High-performance computing (HPC) features for Arm processor-based systems are available with SUSE Linux Enterprise High-Performance Computing.

Key Features

Enables the exploitation of unique AArch64 capabilities on a well-established open source industry standard OS distribution with enterprise-class security and superior support.
Supports advanced features of a broad set of 64-bit Arm processors to deliver innovative open source storage, networking, and industrial automation solutions with a rock solid OS foundation.
Delivers an array of advanced tools to quickly compile, package and deploy Linux solutions for 64-bit Arm server and IoT systems accelerates time to market.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM

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