SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service

To cater to the evolving needs of distributed point of service environments, SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, in conjunction with the SUSE Manager for Retail product, forms a solution offering for comprehensive management of retail IT infrastructure. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is an enterprise class, secure open source operating system for the point of service client devices. Client devices need to be used for running typical point of service applications and services or supporting client applications (for example, a web browser). These client devices require SLEPOS Client subscriptions. Legacy SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is available as a standalone 3-tiered product. It features improved reliability, increased security, easier management, wireless operation of POS clients, and tight cooperation with SUSE Manager.

Product Highlights
  • Create & deploy customized images
  • Increased system reliability & security
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • No forced upgrades or expensive licensing
  • Huge ecosystem of support vendors

Key Features

Increase Reliability & Security - SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service prevents buggy programs from causing your computer to become unstable and crash. Because of the strong wall of separation between the kernel and its users, the risk of unauthorized access is reduced.

Reduce Ownership Costs - Eliminate operating system licensing fees and pay for only maintenance subscriptions with SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service. SUSE Linux Point of Service also isn't tied to a specific device like preloaded systems, so you can use any hardware you want to save money.
Avoid Vendor Lock-In - Locking your business on a single platform from a monopolistic vendor places your systems and business at risk. Applications running on SUSE Linux Enterprise provide a new upgrade path for businesses that don't want to get locked into a pattern of forced upgrades.


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