SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack

Get More from Your Virtual Machines and Legacy Apps

Paravirtualization dramatically increases the performance of your virtual machines. A paravirtualized system gives you access to up to 95% of your virtual machine's computing power by forcing the operating system and hypervisor to work together more efficiently. It does this by opening additional channels of communication between the Xen and KVM hypervisors in SUSE Linux Enterprise and the unmodified guest operating systems running in a virtual environment, thus accelerating network and storage input/output and improving overall efficiency. The paravirtualized drivers in the SUSE Virtual Machine Driver Pack deliver the performance benefits of paravirtualization, with the wider availability of full virtualization.

Product Highlights
  • Improved performance of virtualized systems
  • Full enterprise support
  • Extended life of legacy & custom applications
  • Increased flexibility & control
  • Comprehensive assortment of compatible drivers

Key Features

Extend the Life of Legacy & Custom Applications The paravirtualized drivers in the Virtual Machine Driver Pack extend the useful life of your legacy and custom applications that are only supported on older operating systems.
A Comprehensive Assortment of Platforms SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack contains 32-bit and 64-bit paravirtualized disk, network and balloon drivers for a wide variety of platforms.
Get More Flexibility and Control The SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack gives you greater flexibility and control over Windows guest OSs in both Xen and KVM-based host environments.


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