Software Defined Storage


Taking a Software Approach to Enterprise Storage

While a software-defined approach may seem new, the logic within enterprise storage devices has always been written in software. It’s only been in the last few years that hardware has progressed enough so that enterprise storage software and hardware can now be separated. Software-defined storage isn’t a new concept, but the ability to separate the storage software from the storage hardware is a new value proposition.

Taking the right approach to software-defined storage will give you a highly scalable solution that radically reduces your storage costs in terms of both capital cost and operation expenditure. This solution also has to be simple, robust, and flexible – all while delivering industry-leading functionality.

Enterprise Storage
     Software-based data storage powered by Ceph

Red Hat Gluster Storage
    Provides an open, software-defined storage solution
Red Hat Ceph Storage
    Provides this scale‐out capability